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Get to know why you should trust our guides, drivers, and partners to make your private tour in Slovenia an unforgettable experience.
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Who are they?

Private drivers of Slovenia Private Tours are trustworthy certified professionals taking care of everything needed and making your private tour in Slovenia an enjoyable and stress-free experience. They are very reliable, so you won’t ever have to wait for them — They will be there when you need them. And don’t worry, even though they do their job professionally, they’re not robots. They are fluent in English and very communicative, not only ensuring your private tour goes smoothly but also making it interesting and fun.

Taxi driver talking to a female passenger in car
Our professional drivers guarantee a safe and comfortable environment

What do they do for you?

They will show you the best places around Slovenia, taking you where you already planned to go or suggesting new destinations. They’re locals who know Slovenia like the back of their hand, meaning they can always adjust the trip for you on the fly. No bathroom breaks or photo opportunities will be missed. You will also find out a lot about Slovenia and the destinations that you’re visiting. And whenever you feel hungry, the driver can suggest restaurants and other food spots where you can try the local cuisine.

Get exclusive access to the finest food and wine experiences in Slovenia

What are the benefits of a tour with a private driver in Slovenia?

Except for all the obvious advantages we already mentioned above, private drivers also offer other not-so-obvious benefits. Going on a tour in a foreign country on your own presents challenges like unfamiliar and complicated road rules, finding convenient petrol stations, and cheap parking spots. On a tour with your own private driver, you don’t have to worry about any of that. And whenever an emergency comes up, and it would be perfect to know a local, our private driver will be there to help.